(Image: spending every single day, the chances of disease are increasing because of Air Pollution. Only Air Pollution is responsible for many diseases like Cancer, Asthma, 샌즈지노사이트 Flu, and Skin Diseases. In fact, WHO (World Health Organization) International declares that air pollution is reason for Cancer and Skin Disease. Mostly in the urban cites we should to care about his problem. In urban areas we can see pollution, dust, strong sun rays. Fortunately, we have solution to save us. Air Masks are the perfect option to save you at first stage. Air Masks are very effective, very comfortable to use even doctor started suggesting all peoples.

Air mask is not only protecting from this terrible disease. You can use it in traveling, while going in holidays, 솔레어카지노총판 surfing in the ocean, biking with your friends any time. A number of Air Mask you can find in your near shop. Air masks which can you save from disease and also Air masks which make your personality perfect. Today, I am going to present 5 Air Masks which suggested by Doctors.

5 Air Masks which suggested by Doctors:

Pollution Mask

You can see this mask mostly in many cities in China. From last few years their people suffering from Air pollution regularly. Both uses air masks local people or visitors, it's common. People who goes to office, sitting in the shop or market, everyone uses Pollution masks. Not only in China many cites of India and USA are also suffering from Air Pollution.

Many studies say that small dust in the Air can badly affect us on our health. While buying a pollution mask you should to care some of following things:

Mask protect from Dangerous Airborne Particles

It should be anti-bacterial and hypo allergenic qualities

Natural UV and UVB protected would be good

Should be made of Eco friendly fabrics

N95, N955, P100 masks are effect for 샌즈카지노 Air pollution Medical Mask

Mostly people suffer from sneezing, coughing, wet nose, throat and headache twice a month. Millions of people fight with cold every year. For Children it's more harmful. To protect from this issues doctor suggest Medical masks. Medical mask can filter germs and bacteria from air. Medical mask also save from airborne in air which are badly effect to health.

Asthma Mask / Allergy Mask

Many people have problems like Asthma and other type of allergic problems. If you are suffering from Asthma than always take Asthma mask which save you from airborne, dust, harmful chemicals which effect lungs and viruses.

People suffer from many allergic problems like dust, cold, bacteria and others. In market all types of allergic mask available, people can choose according to their problem.

Organic Cotton Mask

Organic cotton mask are very comfortable to wear. It is made by soft and natural fabric. Its main aim is to protect from bad particles in air, dust, mold and lint. You need to search a cotton mask with UV and UVB protected, hospital safe and breathable, and allergy reduced and soft for your skin. You can wear it anytime anywhere where you feel to need it like in traveling, cleaning plants, crafting and other. I suggest you to wash before wear for safety.

Germ and Flu Mask

We know that flu and germs spreads from air from one person to another person through sneezing, talking etc. Wearing this air masks can save you from germs transferring. It protects you from allergens, germs, smoke, flu and cold viruses and other pollution that responsible for respiratory illness. You mask should be anti-bacterial and hypo allergenic qualities. It gives you more safety from germs and makes you healthy.


Our planet is surrounding with a number of bad gases. Day by day pollution is increasing in atmosphere. Not only pollution, population is also increasing which is responsible for unknown disease. Some time we have no idea about this badly affected airs and we fall in disease. But we can save us and protect us with the latest technology which we converted in Air Mask. Use this Air Mask for your safety. Consult with doctors what type of mask you needed.

The authour is very much knowledge about disease couse of Air pollution. She is running her own company of Healthy Air Mask to prevent by air disease. Check out our products like pollution mask, medical mask, asthma mask, allergy mask, 오바마카지노쿠폰 organic Cotton Masks, germ and flu Mask.

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