(Image: The pine pollen season usually lasts about 2-3 weeks but that could be very dependent weather circumstances. Dry situations and heat temperatures are wanted for the timber to start producing the pollen however durations of rain will keep the pollen from being distributed as far by the wind. Since timber respond to weather conditions, a tough winter (like we had this final 12 months) could cause pines to produce more pollen particularly if we have the appropriate circumstances in spring. Hope that helps!

A number of companies make a pine pollen alcohol tincture and claim that it boosts testosterone by taking it sublingually. I've chatted with customer support with a couple of the larger corporations and asked if that they had sponsored any research to verify whether or not the complement did in actual fact increase testosterone ranges. The solutions that I acquired were a bit of dodgy like, „purchase our e-book, which could contain the reply you are searching for.“ I bought bored with the back and forth and decided to make some myself to see how effectively it worked.

Pine bushes of different varieties develop all around the world and all of them produce tons pollen which is high in vitamins, hint minerals, protein, and assist to balance our hormones. Pine tree pollen is a bit bit dear proper now however maybe in the future, it'll come down in value.

What are well being foods? Health foods are these which have a selected healthcare function, that is to say, suitable for sure group of individuals with a physique-regulating perform reasonably than a therapeutic purpose. Options: Pine Pollen has The 3-15 Award; Chosen Well being Meals for China House Astronaut; 2005 China Best Health Meals; China Muslim Association Certification

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